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Le Pouldu, France painting holidays
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Janis Fry's paintings are in acrylic, watercolour, ink and gouache, and mixed media. Sizes vary from 1 to 4 feet, in any one dimension. The paintings explore the emotional power of colour and are essentially bound up with the mysteries and mood of the natural landscape, the Tree of Life, other trees, portraits and mythology. She is concerned with light and dark, atmosphere and things half seen. Janis is fascinated by the boundaries between things and people, where one thing ends and another begins, by precise and indistinct edges, by merging, fading and emergence. An important motif is portals and ways through, between worlds and states of consciousness. During her career she has shown work in Paris, Bahrain, Piccadily, New York, Reykjavic and Wales. Janis's work is on view by appointment or current exhibitions. Commissions undertaken.

Janis Fry is a Specialist Art Teacher, available for booking as a workshop or course leader or as a demonstrator and presenter in all aspects of painting, drawing and mono printing.

Private Art Tuition for pleasure and artistic development are available at the home studio in a beautiful setting near Llandybie, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Janis welcomes all levels of ability from beginners to advanced. You learn whatever it is you wish to learn, from drawing or painting in pencil, charcoal, ink , pastel, conte, watercolour, gouache, oil or acrylic. Learn technique, style and process. Any subject matter. From painting for pleasure to BA tutoring. A day’s tuition at the home studio costs £150 for between 1 and 4 people.

Small Tuesday morning and afternoon classes at home studio, Llandybie, £12 a class.

One Day workshops for Art Societies and Clubs include:
  • Contemporary acrylics
  • Freeing up with watercolour
  • The power of ink
  • Portraiture
  • Drawing in pencil, charcoal and pastel

Gauguin painting holidays
Painting holidays in Gauguin country on the coast at Le Pouldu, Southern Brittany, France in June and September.

Now in its 5th year these unique painting holidays are a way of gaining insight into the mind and personality of Gaugin, one of the most important painters who ever lived, as well as identifying and developing your own unique painting style. Click here for more information.

Contact by email: janisfry9@gmail.com or tel. 01269 851044

Ancient Yew Tree Tours
Tree Tourism. Wales is the country with the largest collection of ancient yew trees on earth.

This tour aims to introduce you to some of the best examples of these extraordinary trees. These yews occur in a relatively small area around Brecon/Usk, probably due to the culture of revering and planting yews which dates back to the Silures, the Celtic yew tribe who inhabited this area at one time and fought the Romans.

Click here for more information.

Click here for more information on Ancient Yews in Britain.

Janis Fry is also a writer and author of books on ancient Yew trees, the Tree of Life and is available for talks on this subject.
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